Friday, April 24, 2009

What Luke has Learned this Week

Luke has always loved taking the rings off of the pole, but this week he learned how to put them back on. He gets frustrated when they don't fit as he doesn't understand the order yet. It's hard to see how well he really does it because I'm handing him rings and taping at the same time, so parts of Luke are almost always cut off. I do the best I can.

This is the end of the assembly. I'm sorry about the shadows and about the random talking. I'm definitely no Steven Spielberg, but at least you get to see how smart Luke is.

Luke also learned how to climb onto the couch. He can only do it when we leave things too close to the couch that he can use as a stepping stool. This morning he used a tote of books to get himself up on the couch. Yesterday, he got up on the couch and then fell off and landed on his head. He's at the point where we can't leave him alone for a second which is completely unrealistic, so he just has more bumps and bruises than normal.

He started saying "Mamamama" a lot, but he still isn't talking to me. However, we know that he does understand what certain names and words mean. Yesterday as an experiment, we said things like "Luke, where's DaDa?" and he would run to Jared. Then Jared would say, "Where's MaMa?" and he would run back to me. (He's done that before. This is the part that's an experiment.) Then I said, "Luke, where's your blankie?" and he ran right over and laid down on his blanket. He also ran to the ball when we asked him where it was. We were very proud of him.

Also, Luke has discovered the joy of grilled cheese this week. It's one of his new favorite foods. He's eaten a whole sandwich (minus the crusts) every day this week for lunch.

Lastly, he's doing great with straws, and he prefers them to normal sippy cups, so that's how he's getting his liquids. He still will NOT drink plain milk from a straw or sippy cup. He will however drink chocolate milk. Weird.

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