Sunday, February 23, 2014

Papa's Visit

A few weeks ago we were lucky to have a very long visit with my dad.  He came into town to work as a consultant doing some training at his old job and stayed with us for 3 weeks.  The boys had so much fun playing with and showing off for Papa.  I had lots of fun talking with him and planning fun things for us to do.  Jared and Dad had lots of conversation time every morning and every evening as they commuted together.

Over the few weeks we went to the zoo, ate Mexican and BBQ food, rode bikes, went miniature golfing and played at the park, showed Papa tumbling class, went for ice cream, and played around the house.  Unfortunately I hardly took any pictures.  These first few are from when the boys really needed to get out and run on a rainy, cold day.  We went to the playground at the mall.

And these pics are from our visit to the zoo.  Luke controlled the camera for most of the day, so we don't have many good shots.


And Papa!

Come back, soon!

Monday, February 17, 2014

1st Loose Tooth

About two months ago (I think) a permanent tooth came in right behind Luke's bottom 2 center teeth.  I was worried that he would need to have those teeth pulled.  Within a few days of the permanent tooth breaking through one tooth got just a little bit loose, but the 2nd tooth was stuck tight.  We visited a pediatric dentist who said that both teeth should become loose and fall out on their own.  If he didn't  loose them on their own within 3 months I was instructed to come back.  Luke was scared to wiggle the one that was loose, so it took more than 2 weeks before it finally came out.  He lost it at school during library time.  He told me that he was very brave and that he didn't cry or anything.  His teacher sent him to the nurse, and the nurse gave him a special necklace to keep the tooth safe.  He was proud to show off his toothless hole and his necklace.

Luke was super excited for the tooth fairy to come.  He slept on an air mattress in his room and put the tooth under the pillow on his bed so she would be sure to find it and have an easy time making the swap.  Luke said he was hoping the tooth fairy would give him $10.  My dad was here visiting and told Luke that if the tooth fairy paid 10 bucks for every tooth, she'd have to live in the poor house.  I didn't make an argument at the time, but I don't think she would.  Don't you think the government would bail her out? 

Anyway, congrats to Luke!

This all happened 2 weeks ago now.  The second tooth is still not loose, but I'm no longer worried because the permanent tooth has shifted and moved into the empty spot.  Luke, however, is hoping for another loose tooth soon!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Days

There were two days in January when schools were closed due to ice storms.  My boys cooped up in a house together for a whole day is NEVER a good situation.  But this time we had some great crafts to do thanks to the Herreras/ Duartes.  The boys LOVED making the puppets.

On the second ice day (that turned out not to have any ice...) the boys' cousins joined us to make paper plate animals.  So a big, big thank you to family for helping us survive 2 days at home!!!