Monday, January 27, 2014

Bike Riding

On the weekends Luke has been working with Jared to learn how to ride a bike "with no training wheels."  It was his idea to learn, and overall he has been very brave.  They first started in the grass.

But quickly moved to the sidewalk.

And then to a cul-de-sac behind our house. 
By the end of the first day Luke could go a few seconds on his own.
Now he can go around 2-3 times before he starts to tip.

Once he builds his confidence up he'll be going around as many times as he wants.

Micah wouldn't be outshone by Luke.
He learned how to pedal his bike all by himself.
In just 1 day!

Photo Shot 2

A few weeks ago I took the boys for another photo shoot.  The whole point was to get a good shot of MICAH.  I took a few shots of Luke, and then the battery went dead, so I didn't get any shots of Micah, good or bad.  Grrrr.  Third times the charm?  Maybe?  Anyway, here are the shots of Luke.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Photo Shoot

Since the beginning of November we have mostly rotated through one sickness after another and watched the weather change from warm to cold and back again.  The weather changes probably have something to do with the constant sickies, but for whatever reason there haven't been a lot of picture moments. And thus there haven't been too many blog posts.  But I did drag the camera out one rather chilly morning and forced the boys to sit for a little photo shoot.  This is what I got:

A lot of Luke's pictures turned out well, I think.

I couldn't get Micah to smile to save my life.
Good thing my life doesn't depend on his smile, I guess.

Cute kids!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Luke can swing all by himself!


On Christmas morning the boys were very excited to see what Santa brought them.  I need to back up and say that this year was a lot of fun prepping for Santa to come because the boys got it.  They had both written letters to Santa and had received some great letters back.  Luke asked for a 16 inch bike with training wheels and a Jack Hartman CD (educational kid songs), and Micah had asked for a candy cane and "a red bike that I get inside."  They asked LOTS of questions about how Santa fits down the chimney, where he lives, how he makes the toys, etc.  I'm glad that the boys have a minimal concept of magic because that was the answer to pretty much every question they asked.  Well, Santa delivered what they asked for, plus 1 extra present for each boy: bike for Micah, air hockey for Luke.  Santa had a little help from generous family members.

opening the Jack Hartman CD:

driving his truck:

Griffin got one or two treats as well.
Here he is with a new bone:

During the morning and afternoon we mostly played with new toys.  Lots of air hockey games and car driving.  Luke and Jared took a long bike ride in the afternoon while Micah napped and I did some cleaning (and maybe had a few winks.)  

That evening we had a nice dinner and then we tried to bring the focus back to the Savior and the reason for Christmas.  We did a felt story of the Nativity.  We talked about God's gift to us.  Then we reread this book:

It is about how we can remember and honor the Savior during the Christmas season.  On Christmas morning the little boy opens the box to see his family's gifts to the Savior.  There are slips of paper in the box with acts of service written on them:  gave food and blankets to the homeless, donated money for a well in Africa, etc.  Then we opened our own sparkle box.  We bought toys for 2 boys that live in a shelter, made cookies for our neighbors, paid our tithing, said family prayer each night, and read our scriptures.  These were our gifts to the Savior.  

Then we talked a little bit about repentance that it means to do better.  We talked a little bit about goals and deciding what we want to do better next year.  Then we wrote down our goals-- our gifts to the Savior-- and placed them in Jesus' white stocking.

These were really fun new traditions.  We just got the book from Debbi this year, and my cousin Emily told me about her white stocking tradition earlier in the month.  But these will be every year traditions for us.  They brought a lot of meaning to the day.

Then we had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  And that was our Christmas.  Hope yours was just as great!

Christmas Eve

We had a fun Christmas week.  The weekend before Jared took Saturday off.  I think it was the first Sat. since starting at Gardere that he didn't work at all!  We went to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa, but the line was INSANE.  So Jared lifted the boys up on his shoulders (one at a time, obviously) and they got to wave to Santa.  They were happy with that, and then we went off to drive 4 wheelers and boats.  Then we had lunch at Los Cucos-- best Tex Mex EVER.  Micah spilled his drink all over himself and ended up wearing the extra clothes:  one of Luke's shirts and a pair of 24 mo. pants.  Apparently I need to update my emergency stash.  Ha Ha.  Then we went fishing at our neighborhood's stocked pond.  While Jared was giving Luke a lesson on casting I made Micah sit for a little photo shoot.  He doesn't understand the command "smile" at all, but I still love the first 2 pics.

Luke got pretty good at casting:

And Micah liked reeling it in.  

The lure was shaped like a minnow, and Micah thought he caught a fish every single time he reeled it in.  It was really funny to see him get so excited every time even though he never actually caught a fish.

On Christmas Eve we spent the morning hanging out.  We went to the "train park" and then we tried our hand at fishing again.  It was too bad that I forgot my camera on Christmas Eve because Jared actually caught a fish that time.

That evening we went to the Herrera's for a delicious feast and a little party.  Grandma Debbi, Grandpa Terry, Jennifer, and Victor spoiled us all shamelessly.  The boys had so much fun opening all of their presents!  And then they opened everyone else's.  I think in this picture Micah is actually opening Debbi's mother's present.

The boys are so lucky to have a set of grandparents close!!!

And then Jared and I got to stay up til 1 am playing with hammers, screw drivers, and the like.  But we were ready for Christmas morning, unlike last year when Sick Santa left Luke a bike still in the box.  Ha Ha Ha.