Monday, April 27, 2009

A Heavenly Substance

Whenever I download pictures from google images, they're small.  How do I make them bigger?

It doesn't really matter.  I just want to proclaim to the world that this is a miraculous cleaner.  

Background info: When Jared and I got Luke's high chair, I chose one specifically because it was the cheapest one with a one hand release feature.  While I suppose this is an important feature, it doesn't (in my opinion) make up for some of the other obnoxious things about it.  Most of the obnoxious things are supposed to be perks, but none of them are necessary and most of them create other problems.  For instance, it had cloth padding.  I was warned against this by my friend Callie who pointed out that cloth padding on a high chair is ridiculous because it will always be dirty.  I machine washed the padding once a week for several months until I just got fed up and took it off and left it off.  Another annoying thing about it is that the high chair has 7 different heights (Why???) and a seat that can recline.  In order for the seat to be able to recline, it is split into 2 parts and has hinges across the seat.  And taking the seat cover off made this an extremely annoying feature because I can't ever get all the crumbs out of the hinges....


The point of all this: I found this 3M Dust Remover hiding over by the computer and used it on his high chair.  Voila!  The crumbs are gone from the hinges.  His highchair looks like new!  I was so amazed and in love that I wanted to use the duster on everything.  Would it work in the corners of the floors?  Yes!  Does it really work to clean the keyboard? Yes! Will it get the dust out of the hard to clean ridges of that weird vent looking thing on the bottom of the refrigerator?  Yes! 

The only downside is that it's about 5 dollars a can, so I probably should limit my use.  But wow!  This stuff is amazing.  

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