Thursday, April 30, 2009

3 Years-- The Part When We're Actually Married !!!

Sadly, perhaps, this part mostly has pictures of Luke.  Don't get me wrong.  Luke is wonderful and the best thing in my life besides Jared.  It's just that before he was born, Jared and I rarely took pictures.  We did things, though.  And if I can find more pictures I'll add them on and edit this post later.

I'm two years older than Jared, so when we were married, Jared still had almost 2 years left of his undergrad.  I taught 4th grade at Franklin Elementary.  Jared went to school full time AND had 3 part time jobs as well as volunteering for a literacy program at the library.  So we were really busy.  Sometimes people in Williamsburg tease me about how much time Jared spends studying, and I reassure everyone that I see him more now than I did when we were in Provo.

My first class: August 2006- May 2007

Doing the banana dance brain breather

Reader's Theatre performance

This was probably my favorite thing we did as a class during my two years of teaching.  Ask me about Reader's Theatre sometime, and I'll give you an earful.  It's a great way to get kids to enjoy reading and to practice fluency.  It would be a really fun family activity for those who have kids old enough to read.  If anyone's interested, I could email you some scripts.  Anyway...

My second class: August 2007- May 2008

Etiquette lunch-- We studied manners as a grade level and then had a special lunch to practice.

Class picture.  Shelby is the girl in white on the front row.  She was my favorite!

I got pregnant in March of 2007, and Luke was born November 27, 2007.  Now our lives are very much wrapped around him.  It's great that he goes to bed early, though, so we still get some time to ourselves.  

The picture we used for Luke's birth announcement

Luke's first Christmas (1 month old)

Luke at 7 months

Our family last summer right after we moved to Williamsburg

Family photo shoot in April, 2009

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