Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

I think it was about 2 weeks ago that Luke didn't have school on Friday. The following Monday his class was going on a trip to Pumpkinville (a local pumpkin patch), and I wanted to prep him for it.

So that day (the Friday before the field trip) we met up at Pumpkinville with some friends.

Such a ham!

Micah had lots of fun crawling around in the pumpkins and eating grass. He wasn't much of a walker then. (He is CRUISING now-- although there is a LOT of tumbling amid the cruising!)

Luke loved loading the wagon chalk full (is that the expression?) of pumpkins, but then said he didn't want to buy any or take any home, so we unloaded them all and pulled an empty wagon back to the front. Well, empty of pumpkins. Luke and Micah rode in the wagon.

Then we went on the hay ride. This is the part I really wanted to prep Luke for because last year he FREAKED out on the hay ride, and we had to get off. I talked to him a lot about the hay ride for a few days before we went to Pumpkinville. I told him that it might shake and that it would be bumpy and noisy, but that it was lots of fun and NOT scary. He was apprehensive getting on, but then I started asking him, "Is it noisy? Is it shaking?" and telling him that it was so silly. After a few minutes he relaxed and got really into it. His favorite part was when we rode in the big mud puddle.

So Luke did great! And his teacher told me that when he went with his class he didn't have any problems at all! I am so glad that as his language and focus has gotten better it is easier to talk him through what is going to happen and what things will be like. It helps so much when I can prepare him!

Micah wasn't sure how he felt about it.

After the hay ride we had a little picnic and played for a bit until it was time to go home. It was a fun trip!

I was sorry that I missed Luke's field trip when he went back to Pumpkinville with his class. They were meeting there right during Micah's nap time, and I just felt too bad about messing that up for Micah. He had a bad night the night before, and he was so tired! Plus, out little Micah Trooper just gets dragged along everywhere, and I decided that some days need to be all about him.

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