Thursday, November 3, 2011


This year Luke finally understood about trick-or-treating. I wanted him to be excited about it, so I had gotten a big bag of dum-dum suckers (which are pretty much the only candy he will/can eat since he can't have milk-- no chocolate!-- and won't eat chewy candy), and we started practicing about 2 weeks before Halloween. He would put on his "special doctor clothes" and knock on Jared's study door. When Jared answered Luke would yell "Trick-or-treat!" and get a candy. He LOVED practicing trick-or-treat. (To all the anti-candy parents out there: We did NOT do this every single day).

Anyway, then the ward trunk or treat was cancelled due to rain! But I REALLY wanted to take Luke trick-or-treating after we had practiced so hard. So I called up my friend Amber and begged to be invited for trick-or-treating. Her neighborhood was the perfect place for a first timer. She lives in a town-house community, so we could go to quite a few houses without walking very far. Luke had a blast! And even though Micah wasn't collecting any spoils, he had a good time too. He loves just being outside.

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Kathleen said...

so did luke pick his costume or did you force it upon him? he is adorable. seriously.