Monday, November 28, 2011

Feeling Awesome

So no one in the entire blogging world probably cares about this, but I feel so awesome that I have to throw it out there to someone.

Jared and I started watching "Little Dorrit" yesterday, and the second I saw the evil Mrs. Clennam I knew that I had seen her somewhere before, but I couldn't place her. When she spoke I felt sure that I recognized the voice. I puzzled over it and puzzled over it, and started mentally going through the list of the (way too many) BBC miniseries I have watched. I kept picturing this woman holding a tea cup and wearing a maroon dress-- very fancy, so I knew she had played a noblewoman.

It was driving me crazy, so I looked up the full cast of Little Dorrit, and then Wikipediad the actress (Judy Parfitt). But I didn't recognize any of the shows listed. This kind of face recognition has happened to me before, and if I can't place it while I awake I will usually place it in my sleep. Sure enough last night I woke with a start-- She was the queen in Ever After, I was sure of it! But that was a well known movie, right? So wouldn't that be listed on her Wikipedia accomplishments along with the one episode of ER that she appeared in?

This morning I looked up the full cast of Ever After, and sure enough! She was the queen! How did Wikipedia miss that??? I am awesome!


Amber said...

I for one salute your awesomeness. Mostly because I love Ever After and I appreciate your love of it as well. Only a true fan could pick the queen out in her sleep.

Kari said...


texasmima said...

Of course you are awesome! It is in your genes.