Monday, November 7, 2011

Brothers, Bananas, and Eating Update

Several months ago our bishop gave Luke a blessing before we had a big and (it turns out) life-changing doctor appointment in Richmond. Among the many things we were advised and promised in the blessing was that Luke and Micah would have a very special relationship, and that they would strengthen each other. I've pondered this part of the blessing several times.

When Micah was having trouble with motor skills it seemed like chasing after Luke (and chasing after Cheerios) helped him to master his own body and start moving. Micah definitely wants to run after Luke. This is a more recent video of Micah walking just so you can see how much more stable his is now:

(Yes, you are hearing what you think you are hearing. I was most definitely listening to New Kids on the Block at the time I took this video. Hee Hee. Every once in awhile you just have to jump back to third grade, right?)

One area where Micah is a great example for Luke is with eating. Micah is overall a good eater, and he isn't too interested in baby food. One day Micah was eating a big boy banana, and Luke decided that he wanted some too. I gave him a banana, and to my total shock and amazement, he ate the entire thing! It is Luke's very first consistently gobbled-big boy-solid fruit. Woo Hoo!

And over the past few weeks Luke has acquired several other foods as well: pot roast (cooked super nice and tender), grilled "cheese" sandwich (I finally found a GF cheese substitute that tastes GOOD!), hot dog, chicken salad sandwich, pulled pork (the last two are works in progress), applesauce, and a few bites of grapes.

Now we need to work on table manners....


Kari said...

That's great Stacy!

Kathleen said...

BRAGGER!! Can luke come teach olivia his tricks?? Please. I'd make pot roast every day of I had to!!!