Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cupboards, Cardboard, and Obstacle Courses

Micah has become a little explorer. I knew this day was coming-- I think Luke may have hurried it up a bit. Luke likes to hide under the sink. He drags his blankie in there and closes the door, and then he waits for Micah to find him. A few weeks ago Micah decided he didn't want to be the finder any more. He wanted in the cupboard. Now he crawls in there all the time! He also decided that not just this cupboard, but all cupboard are awesome! So he pulls open all of them. He pulls out dishes, towels, curling irons, hair spray. Whichever cupboard he can get to and whatever he can pull out is fine with him! He also loves to open dresser drawers and pull out the clothes. I've just stopped folding at this point (or I'd be refolding jammies 10 times every day). I just shove everything back in and move on with life.

In all of his exploring Micah discovered the recycling bin as well, and he fell in love with boxes! (Hence the cardboard.) He carries them around. This works great at church because Luke loves Band-Aids. You might be wondering what those two things have to do with each other. Well, I will tell you. Band-Aids come in a box. So I keep a box of Band-Aids in the church bag. Luke sits happily sticking Band-Aids all over himself during sacrament meeting, and Micah sits and shakes the Band-Aid box. I call that a win-win. I also call it weird. And so do other people judging by the looks we get.

Here is Micah with one of the many boxes he has rescued from the recycling pile. I followed him around trying to get a good picture. What that really means is that I ran around trying to get in front of him to get a good picture while he simultaneously ran around trying to get the camera. That doesn't usually work for a good picture.

But this one turned out pretty cute:

He just wasn't holding a box.

Anyhoo. What with his box and cupboard/drawer interests (oh, and he also REALLY likes plugs), our house has become a bit of an obstacle course with chairs, etc. positioned to block off the things he loves most. His pack and play is wedged between his crib and bookshelf to keep him from pulling all the books off all the time. (He still has access to all his board books. Did you really think I would keep him from reading???) Chairs or side tables block most outlets that are in use. There is packing tape holding several kitchen cupboards closed. And the bathroom doors have to be kept closed at all times.

Good thing he is so worth it!

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