Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes

Ms. Sara said that Luke's call just LOVED the book "Pete the Cat," so when it showed up in the book order as a deal with book AND CD, I couldn't pass it up. The book was sent home on Monday afternoon, and Luke has listened to it at least 20 times a day for the past 4 days. We have all memorized the book. This is Luke reading the book-- it is split up into 4 videos because Little Micah was being a bit of a pill, and I kept having to put down the video camera.

(Micah bit me)


Amber said...

that may be the most adorable thing i've ever seen.

Kathleen said...

this is going to sound SO creepy but i am in love with luke. like seriously. i love his little face. i love his little voice. i love his little mannerisms. i seriously can't get enough of him. of all the people i have tried to arrange/ have had tried to arrange marriages with olivia i am SERIOUSLY hoping that luke will fall in love with olivia.