Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meet Jack-O-Lantern!

Luke was very excited to carve our pumpkin. While Jared was home teaching on Sunday night, Luke and I (mostly I) got the pumpkin ready to be carved. Luke was totally grossed out by the seeds and pulp and wouldn't touch it with his hands at all. He did pretty good with a spoon.

When Jared got home he and Luke carved the face. Luke told Jared that he wanted circle eyes and a happy mouth. He got it!

When I asked him if his pumpkin had a name, he looked at me like I'm an idiot, and said, "Jack-O-Lantern!" Oh, right!


Sara said...

we bought pumpkins but never carved them... fail. i scrolled back and saw cute micah at the pumpkin patch. dang he is cute and getting so big. love you guys.

Kathleen said...

that is the best face i've seen. ever. and that is a great description of your pumpkin. and i LOVED the part about him looking at you like you were an idiot.