Wednesday, November 2, 2011

School Parade

On Monday the pre-school classes had a little costume parade at school. Luke, as you can tell, is the cutest doctor in the world. He was so good just calmly walking down the hall waving...

until he saw me!

Then he started making funny noises and trying to fall on the floor. So embarrassing when he does that, and I don't get it. He doesn't get away with it at school, and he doesn't get away with it at home. But there's something about mixing school and home that gets him all confused. Ah, well. By the third lap around the pre-K hallway he stopped acting silly when he saw me and just waved to me.

New things are often a bit overwhelming for Luke, and it takes him time to figure things out and process the experience. He talks about new and exciting things for several days--I think it helps him process what happened. Anyway, for the past few days he has talked about the parade in his own cute little way. Mostly he walks around saying, "Wave to your friends. Wave to your friends," and "Did you wear your doctor clothes at school?"

When the parade was over we went back to the classroom for center time. I just followed along because we had to leave for Luke's eating therapy in 40 minutes, and I wouldn't even be able to make it to our house and back before it was time to leave. Hopefully I was a little bit helpful and not too much of a distraction.

Luke made a spider's web, and then he helped Ms. Sara carve a pumpkin. He didn't like touching the seeds at all. He put his hand in for less than 2 seconds, and then wanted to wash his hand right away. I suspected that would happen because he did the same thing at home when we cleaned our pumpkin.

Then he made a necklace.

I also got to spend a few minutes with Luke during his speech instruction with Ms. Kathleen. He did very well-- he was a good listener for her, and he picked up on a new activity very quickly. He responded to all her questions, and he didn't act silly with me in the room at all. I was very proud of him! He has come so, so far! I was very impressed by Ms. Kathleen as well. She had very visual tools to help him, and that is so important for Luke. She spoke clearly and rephrased questions or statements if he didn't understand. I am so glad that Luke is in such a wonderful program. Hooray for Blayton Elementary!


Sarah said...

Skyler HATES the inside of pumpkins and other messy stuff like that. Luke is a VERY cute little doctor!

Kathleen said...

Luke makes a VERY handsome doctor. I feel super bad for the kid in the whale costume.