Friday, May 22, 2009

Grandpa and Grandma's Visit: Tuesday

On Tuesday we all went to Yorktown to do the battleground tour and then walk around the touristy section on the beach.

(Thank you Nathan and Sarah for the year pass to Jamestown and Yorktown-- we all got in free!)

First stop was the visitor center where we watched a short video, looked at the museum and then checked out the British stronghold.

British stronghold cannon-- Dad's trying to blow away our ancestors!

We had a picnic near the visitor center before we went on to see the rest.  Then we took off to see the trenches, the redoubts, surrender field, and the rest.

Contemplating History

Dad loved all signs the whole trip-- no matter where we went.  He read everything he could find.  So I had to get a picture of Dad and a sign (all alone because everyone else had moved on).

The inner line of the American forces.

Even though I watched the video and have been on the battleground tour twice now, I still get things a little bit confused.  The British had a strong point near the actual town.  The Americans started pretty far out and bit by bit were able to get closer.  So this is their second advance where they built more trenches.

This is next to the second defense line.  It's a graveyard from the CIVIL war.  Most of the graves are unknown union soldiers.  This graveyard contains union soldiers who were killed in surrounding areas as well as at Yorktown.

A walk by York river when our driving tour was done.  It was beautiful, but it was also very windy which made it cold down by the water.  Brrrr!

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