Friday, May 8, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

It's been raining a lot this spring, but that has made everything BEAUTIFUL!  There is so much green here.  I absolutely love it.  And today, to enjoy it, (and since Jared is done with school!) we went to CW for a little while.  The palace gardens were amazing.

Watching a squirrel

The pretty flowers

The only "smile" we caught on camera

Running through the arbor

The view from the arbor-- is that what it's called?

Looking at the leaves

Luke and I

Jared and Luke

After we walked around the gardens, we headed over to Retros.  Do I talk about that place a lot?  Well, they have grilled cheese for $1.30, and Luke loves them.  So it's true that we stop by quite often.

Luke trying chocolate custard for the first time.  He was a fan.
Don't worry- he ate his lunch first.

Luke singing to all the Retros customers-- I hope they enjoyed their free concert.

And as we left Retros and headed back to the car, we saw the zealot....

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Bill and Janice said...

We are so excited to get to see you and these lovely flowers, etc. in Williamsburg. Thank you for choosing such a beautiful place for us to come visit. See you Sunday!
What fun pictures and history of your family! You guys are awesome.
Love you lots, Mom