Sunday, May 10, 2009

For Mom

Mom, you are wonderful and since today is Mother's day, I have the special opportunity to tell you how much I love you.  And to expound on the miraculous fact that you love me (and all of your kids) too.

You loved me even when I looked like a boy and had crazy hair.  You loved Megan even though she demanded that she wear her pajama top around Disney Land.  You loved Eric even though he terrorized us all, and you loved Nathan even though he ruined the day complaining that a duck bit him.  (Isn't that how the story goes?)

And to further expound: You loved me even when I clung all over you and guessing from my own experience threw up on you and snotted you.  But you went so much farther than putting up with me/us.  You stood up for me and knew me better than I knew myself.  You helped me overcome my fears and inhibitions.  You believed in me far more than I believed in myself.  From the little girl who "failed" kindergarten and could barely face the camera man, you turned me into a confidant woman.  Wow!

Having gone through pregnancy and labor (and it sucked!) I am still in awe that you did it 6 times!!!  (And Jared's mom 8 times!!!)  I know you loved Eric, but you didn't really know what was coming.  To consciously choose to go through it again when knew what was coming, that's true love.  So I guess Eric gets love, but the rest of us got true love?  Just kidding.  Anyway, looking at this picture of brand new Michael reminds me of your sacrifice.  And it also makes me a little jealous.  Because you look AMAZING for having a brand new baby!  (Is Nathan plotting Michael's downfall?)

I know that your life was often overshadowed by ours.  We were your life.  While we had pictures by ourselves holding our cake, you never had the spotlight to yourself.  I am thankful that you wanted us there-- that you felt like a spotlight wouldn't have meaning or even be fun unless we were in it with you.  I always knew without any doubt that we were what you wanted more than anything else.  That's what made you a great mom.  Because it seemed and still seems like motherhood was and is always wonderful to you because you didn't want anything else.  We didn't seem to you like your little crosses to bear.  To you, we were blessings, and you always treated us that way.  And because of are one of the greatest and biggest and most important and most eternal blessings in mine.

I put this picture in purely because it looks like Michael is prepping for his revenge on Nathan.  Either that or Dad must have really made him mad.  Also, Amber looks so dang cute!

I loved that you played with us.  Prison?  Do you remember that game?  Played for HOURS at a time.  You were a great sport!

Once again: the memories of playing together as a family

(Dad, I love that you played with us too.  Don't have as many pictures with you, but that's your own fault for having a camera that no one else could figure out-- and for not trusting anyone else to take the picture even if they could have!)

I love you, Mom.  We ALL love you!!!

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