Friday, May 22, 2009

Grandpa and Grandma's Visit: Thursday

On Thursday we mostly took the opportunity to chat and eat.  We did a few things out of the house though.  In the morning we went to the Muscarelle Museum of Art on William & Mary campus.  It was really small, but it had some impressive art in it.  There was a painting by Georgia O'Keefe!

And right now they have an exhibit of stained glass by Louis Comfort Tiffany, the founder/ mastermind behind Tiffany & Co.

I had no idea that the famous jewelry store began as a glass house.  The stained glass was beautiful.

Then we went on a picnic where we ran into the Moons.  It was good to get a chance to say bye to them. It's good to know they'll be near D.C. next year, so we'll still see them sometimes.

And then that night we played Cranium which is one of Jared's favorite games.  This time we didn't get any questions that we'd seen before.  And some of the questions were really hard, but it was a fun game.

We'll miss you, Mom and Dad, but we were glad to see you for a little while and share with you a few of the fun things about where we live.  Come back soon!  

And to the rest of our family who hasn't been here: You're welcome any time!

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