Tuesday, August 3, 2010

'29' and Spoiled Rotten

For my birthday this year I got everything I wanted and more than I deserve.
I've been complaining about how lame our knives are for over a year now. Jared really came through and bought me the romantic present of some new and very NICE knives. Luckily they didn't cost any "real" money because Jared was able to use the money he got from selling back text books.

Then my best friend Jennifer gave me a gift card to Target with the instruction that I had to spend it on myself. I should probably have ignored that order and gotten things for the baby, but instead I bought myself a book.

I went to a girl's night at my friend Amber's a few weeks ago, and people were raving about "The Hunger Games", and then I read about it again on my cousin Valerie's blog, so when I saw it at Target I had to get it. I was going to save the rest of the gift card for something responsible. But 2 days later-- as soon as I finished "The Hunger Games", I went back and spent the rest of it on the second book in the trilogy. I could not put these books down! Can't wait for the third!

My parents sent me money. They had no instructions about using the money on myself, and they are the type of people who would applaud responsibility. But I wasn't responsible. I took Jared and myself on a fun date. We saw Toy Story 3.
And the next day we went to lunch at my favorite restaurant in town. It serves THE BEST carrot cake in the entire world.
Mom and Dad Herrera sent money again with the order that I spend it on myself. I mostly followed this order. I got myself this calendar for the kitchen that I have been wanting for a long time.
Then I made this bulletin board for Luke's room to display his lovely artwork. I didn't actually make it. I just painted it red.

And finally I got something pretty to put over the sink so I'm not just staring at a blank wall while I do dishes. Jared made fun of this purchase because he said it was a waste of money. Maybe it was, but I look at them and feel happy every time I'm doing dishes.

I've been slowly using money from Mom and Dad Wilkerson to treat Luke and I while Jared is at work. We went to Chick fil' A one day for lunch. We stopped and had a slushy at Target another day. It's nice to have a treat and not feel guilty about it. Although... when I think about the upcoming diapers I do feel a bit guilty. But the slushy tastes to good I block out the guilt and think, "I deserve this, don't I?"

So thank you to everyone who made 29 a great birthday! I love you all.


Valerie Christensen said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like it was wonderful--and I'm so glad you loved the Hunger Games! I'm practically counting down the hours for the last one!
And I like what you put above your sink--not a waste of money at all :)

Spencer and Sara said...

HHHAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love all the things you got for your birthday. some carrot cake sounds divine!! Spencer just ordered Mockingjay online on amazon for cheap. we can't wait for it to come out. love youuu