Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Around the middle of July we moved Luke to his big boy bed. Wow! It was an adjustment. Luke does not do well with change, and he's had some (in his mind) BIG changes. First, the binky. Then the big boy bed. When we first changed him, he acted terrified to be alone in his room. He would do a high pitched cry that sounded so frightened and broke my heart. We tried to keep him in his room by putting a child lock on the inside of his door, but he would come crying to the door and stick his little fingers out through the crack under the door. I couldn't leave him in there crying like that all alone. So for the first couple of weeks we took turns sitting in his room until he fell asleep.

We decided that was encouraging another bad habit though, so Jared put his foot down and said Luke needed to go to sleep on his own. We prayed for Luke's comfort and Jared started putting him to bed. He did a lot better when Jared was the last one to leave. By now he still cries a little when we leave, but he settles down fast. Every few nights he has a hard time staying in his bed-- he keeps getting up to play and we have to go reprimand him to get him to stay in bed, but overall I think he's adjusted.

If moving to a big boy bed was that much of a struggle, I wonder how he'll adjust to being a big brother???

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