Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Boy Next Door-- or almost

We are so lucky that our good friends, the Taylors, live right here in our complex just a few buildings away. During the summer Luke has gotten to play with Caleb several times almost every week. We have play dates at one of our apartments or go to the pool or the beach. Sometimes we meet up at the library. Luke and Caleb play well together, and it's nice for him to have a good friend practically next door.

And I love having Keegan so close. We swap baby-sitting a lot, but mostly it's nice to get some adult conversation during the day while Jared is at work. We bounce ideas off each other too-- about discipline, etc. Keegan's loaned me some sign language books that have helped me a lot to encourage Luke's signing. And it's good to have a friend that you can call up anytime. Yesterday Luke was on a roll--into one thing after another. Then our downstairs neighbor came up to complain about noise, and I felt like I would scream. I called Keegan and invited myself over. After 5 minutes in her house (eating her yummy trail mix) I felt so much better!

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