Thursday, August 26, 2010

The worst day of my life...

was when Luke discovered stereos. CD players to be exact. Sunday was a NIGHTMARE! He wouldn't stop talking about the stereo for the entire 2 hours before we got into the gym. He has basically been banned from the stereo at home because he's figured out how to get the "child proof" socket covers out of the socket and plug in/ unplug (over and over) the stereo.

Now today I went to Parcel Pros (for the 3rd time this week--but that's another story) and Luke discovered a stereo on a counter. Since there were no chairs around, he tried pushing packages over to stand on so he could see the stereo. So the entire time I'm just trying to get my package sent off I have to keep dragging Luke away from the stereo.


I am so glad it is nap time!

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