Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Jared's Fault

I was really liking my long hair. Mostly I liked that I could throw it up into a ponytail and avoid the heat on my neck. I think maybe it's because I'm pregnant, but this summer seems incredibly hot to me. However, on Friday I hacked off my hair and it's all Jared's fault.

Awhile ago I put my hair up into a bun-ish type do. Jared told me it looked good, but it would look better if he evened out my hairline in the back (the right side of my hairline was farther down than my left). In a moment of weakness I consented to let him use the clippers and "even out" my hairline. The problem was that after that it looked TERRIBLE when it would start to grow back in, so I had to keep having him do it. Then, while Amber was here, he tried to even out BOTH sides and it got shorter and shorter. The look on Amber's face told me just how bad it was. So now I was facing hair doom. I ignored it for awhile, but after 2 months, it was DISGUSTING in the back. It looked so bad that I was embarrassed to wear my hair up, so I wasn't benefitting from a good ponytail anyway. The only way to fix this was to cut my hair really short and let the hairline grow out together. It took me 2 years to grow my hair out from the last time I cut it this short (which was right before we moved to Williamsburg), so by the time Jared graduates, I should have a good ponytail again.

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