Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Spinnin'

You have all read too many posts about Luke's obsessions with air conditioners and fans. He LOVES to see things "spinnin'. " His NEW thing is CD players. 2 weeks ago the senior nursery leaders had a CD player with children's hymns going in the gym when we got in there to play. This CD player has a see-through top, and Luke was SOOOOO happy to discover that he could stand there and watch the CD go around and around. He seriously stood on a chair watching the CD player yelling, "It's spinnin' " over and over for at least 30 straight minutes. Near the end of the hour one of the other kids walked over and unplugged the CD player, so after that we put it away. Luke freaked out. He was crying and yelling "Stereo! Stereo!" We finally got him to say goodbye to it and move on (a little).

So yesterday was Sunday, so we were off to church. I expected Luke to beeline for the air conditioner units outside. That's typical. But what I wasn't expecting was for him to remember the stereo. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot he started talking about it. He cried through the first 5-10 minutes of sacrament meeting for "stereo, stereo." When that didn't work, he kept telling us he had poo poos to try to get us to take him out. (He didn't have poo poos, and when I told him that his response was to cry and chant stereo some more). Jared had to take him out. Luke does NOT have fun when Jared takes him out. When he came back, he was a little better, but by singing time in the first hour of nursery (we switch to the gym for the 3rd hour), he was spastically whining for the stereo again. And when we FINALLY (in Luke's time frame) got to the gym, he stood on a chair and watched the CD player for the ENTIRE hour. And ever since then he's taken to carrying around my little stereo for hours during the past 2 days. Our CD player doesn't have an opaque top, though, so Luke can't watch the CD spin. Instead, for an hour this morning, he sat and spun an old CD with his fingers inside the stereo (no sound, of course) saying, "It's spinnin'. " And that's also what he's doing while I write this post.

What a crazy kid!

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leonard said...

I am glad to hear about other kids obsessions. Jack is definitely less garbage obsessed out here than in Utah. Feweer (almost no) people have garbage cans that a truck picks up. Everyone has to sort and take their trash to the transfer station. Then last week, after about the 3rd discussion on how much Jack liked garbage trucks I got a little upset with him and told him that while it was fine for him to like them and think about them that I did not share his enthusiasm and it was rude of him to only talk about things he liked. And that When he meets someone new he needs to ask what they like as well as share his interests with them. He seemed to understand.