Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Visit from the Wilkerson Side

Leonard, Amber, Jack, Nohl, and Eli stopped by to see us on their way to Germany. We had a nice visit for a few days. They came last Sunday and left on Tuesday afternoon. We had a lot of fun despite the fact that it was pretty rainy most of the time they were here. Jack and Nohl were VERY disappointed that we couldn't go to the pool. We did go to a few fun places however.

This is a log over a little creek that runs through CW. The boys (including Luke) loved playing in the creek.
Jack and Nohl loved the huge tree on Nicholson street. They climbed around like monkeys for a good 10 minutes. I didn't know they could climb so well! That's Luke's future for sure.

We went to Yorktown to do the driving battlegrounds tour, and afterwards we walked along the beach.

Jack and Nohl found a dead jellyfish that they were really fascinated by. Leonard and Amber kept reminding them not to touch it.

Luke went into the waves for the very first time. He usually keeps a safe distance. Although...

He didn't seem to like it too much.

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