Monday, September 28, 2009

New Words

New words: sky, cat, duck, quack, cow, moo, up, light (sounds really funny, but you can tell that's what he's saying), whee, oval (said when he actually picked up an oval!), star (when he picks up a star), circle (for every other shape including a circle), and bus. He uses the word bus for everything that isn't a car, but he definitely associates it with a school bus. When he hears the school bus in the morning, he screams and runs to the window. If the blinds aren't already up, he jerks them up so he can see. Then he stands at the window yelling Bus! Bus!

Reading his book, Luke is saying "cat"

Favorite words: yay!, yuck, yum

Luke likes to say Yuck so much that he puts things in his mouth that he KNOWS he shouldn't just so he can say yuck. He does it over and over, and it drives me crazy!

Our Little Genius

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Bill and Janice said...

So fun to see photos of your guys! I love them, too! So glad you are able to replace the smashed things...
Glad you are having a good time with Luke and your friends. Bet Jared is gone a lot. Love you, Janice