Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Pretty House

I'm finally getting around to posting the pretty things I made in Texas. Mostly because we just got around to hanging them up. Finally.

Bedroom curtains.

Luke's window valence

My mom made the crib skirt. I made the pillow case (bigger pillow) and the little pillow-- complete with cording. Up above the crib is the picture that my mom drew and painted and the cowboy sign that I made by cutting rope and gluing it on.

Living room valences. I think it pulls the room together. I love them!

I am by no means Martha Stewart. I've never been to jail for one thing. And I don't have my own line at K-mart. But I feel so homemakey and crafty anyway. Walking around my house has a new appeal. I love our new additions. And I feel so proud that I did it. Thanks for your help, Mom.


Bill and Janice said...

nice work, Stacy! You are very creative. It is fun to say, "I made that" right:) Hope Luke gets feeling better soon! Not fun to have sick ones around... Dad is doing better. I am sending you a list of the family birthdays and anniversaries. Love you lots, Mom

The Grady's said...

looks great! How is the semester going?