Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He Ate WHAT?!

Jared has a history of eating some interesting things. Until Sunday, the most notable was his weird plethora of pancake toppings. But Sunday he set a new world record of disgusting cuisine inventions when he made...

A meatloaf sandwich.

Just that name itself is enough to make me start gagging, and when he announced he was making it, I did. Gag. But then I saw his toppings and sides and I really wanted to spew.

In fact, it kind of looked like spew. On one slice of the bread, he put the rest of the chipotle pepper hummus. Very good on broccoli, but on meatloaf??!! And on the other slice of bread (bun, actually) he put POTATO SALAD.

Lettuce, meat, and a side of week old Southwestern style corn, and you've got a meal.

He seemed to like it.

But after that satisfying meal, his need to feed the Nasty Monster in his stomach was not done. NO. It was screaming for dessert. Did he give it a Vicodin and tell it to shut up? NO he gave in to the ramping and raging and fit throwing which all the child experts say you should NEVER do, and fed it...
Leftover pancakes dipped in yogurt.

Ah! What a meal.


Kathleen said...

is jared no longer a vegetarian?

Bill and Janice said...

Sorry Stacy, We have eaten meatloaf sandwiches since I was little... I have not had all the things Jared had on it, but certainly meatloaf, mustard and mayonnaise. A slice of tomato is great on it, too. Too funny. Love you guys.

Sally said...

man. i love that guy.
my favorite is when he would eat oatmeal on the way to seminary in the morning out of the kettle. what he didn't eat, he would put under the front seat of the car, and after school 6 hours later, would come back and eat the cold, jiggly oatmeal. what an awesome brother i have.