Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trying It Out

Luke is trying out new phrases that he's heard us say more and more, and it CRACKS ME UP!

Here are just a few things he has said over the past few days:

L: "Is the light turned on?" (It's clearly on)
Me: "Is it?"
L: "I think so. But I'm not sure."

Last night, we were watching Blue's Clues, and I started singing along to one of the songs. Luke turned around with a very stern face and said, "Mom! Don't sing! That's a bad choice!"

And this morning I heard, "I figured it out! My nose doesn't have boogers!"
(Just to clarify-- the part he copied from me was: I figured it out. End quote right there.)

I think the funniest imitation I have heard was on Sunday night. Jared was making some phone calls for church, and Luke was listening to him. The calls weren't all the same, but a lot of them started out with Jared saying, "Hi this is Jared Wilkerson. I was just calling..."

Luke started copying him and picked up his play phone and would say, "Hi! This is Jacob Wilkerson. I was just calling..."

Ha Ha Ha! Jacob Wilkerson! Ha Ha Ha!

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