Monday, December 19, 2011


On December 7 my very good friend Nancy came back from Florida for a visit. I was so excited to see her again! I have so missed this girl! Nancy and her family live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida right now where Justin recently started a 2-year clerkship.

For five straight days we played and talked. Mostly just around our house, since Luke woke up the morning after she arrived with pink eye, and that threw a kink in some of our plans. Good thing that Nancy and Hazel are Go-With-the-Flow kinds of girls.

Luke and Hazel remembered each other. They were always such good friends, even though Hazel is almost 2 years younger. Their favorite thing to do while she was here visiting was to listen to "In the Jungle" and dance. They would laugh incredibly hard while they danced. And then they would stop the music, and that would be incredibly funny too. Peals of laughter! I hadn't heard Luke laugh that hard for that long in quite a while. He was definitely happy to see Hazel again.

Luke has always loved Miss Nancy, and he didn't require any warm up time at all. He was ready to climb in her lap from the get-go.

On Friday I had planned a big luncheon at our house so that Nancy could mingle with everybody. Unfortunately the pink eye situation damaged the guest attendance by more than 2/3. In the end it was just Nancy, Keegan, Stacy Nielson, Danielle, and myself. Nancy wasn't offended-- she understood that pink eye is contagious and that it makes sense for people not to expose their kids. But I think she was a little disappointed that she didn't get to see everyone.

Stacy Nielson and myself

Danielle and Baby Liam

On several of the days Nancy was here we bundled up the kids after their afternoon naps and went to the playground. My kids go absolutely stir-crazy if they don't get outside a little during the day!

We went to the Virginia Living Museum one day as well, but I forgot my camera. Is anyone shocked? And we stopped by very quickly to our apartment Christmas party so that the kids could see Santa. Luke asked for a Christmas tree. Imagine what Santa was thinking... "This poor kid. He doesn't even have a tree!" But he promised Luke that he had some good ones in his workshop that he'd send our way. I thought I had pictures from seeing Santa, but then I remembered that I actually took them with Nancy's camera. Oops.

It was such a great little visit, and the only thing I'd change is to make it permanent. Come back, Nancy!

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