Monday, December 19, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Luke was so excited about a Christmas tree this year! He loved going to Miss Keegan's where he could see "Lubby's Christmas tree." (Luke has made a nickname for Caleb-- Lubby). And he would point out all the trees at Wal-mart, the bank, school, and everywhere else we would go.

He would ask, "Where is Luke's Christmas tree?"

So last Monday we got a tree and decorated it for our Family Home Evening. All day long Luke asked about when we were getting our tree. When the time came to get in our car to go get it, he was practically dancing. We ended up getting new lights too because our old lights were just clear lights, and Luke had asked two different Santas for a Christmas tree with green lights. So we got some multi-colored ones so that he would get his wish for a little green.

He was certainly excited to decorate it! And even more excited now that he has a brand new school bus ornament on the tree. He takes it off all the time and "drives" it around the living room before hanging it back up.

Hopefully next year we'll be rich enough to get an actual start to put on our tree instead of a make-shift pathetic bow. But, you know, whatever...

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