Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Luke's birthday was on November 27. Since that was a Sunday, we celebrated his birthday on Saturday instead.

This year was especially fun because Luke finally understood what a birthday means. I think celebrating Micah's birthday just 2 months ago helped create his expectations and excitement. He knew that a birthday means cake and a party. He could answer questions about what he wanted this year too, which was soooooo exciting for me. He told me that he wanted a cake with green balloons, a drum for a present, and a party at the bounce house. So that's what he got! (Sort of)

We didn't do a big party. It was actually very small. Enjoying the bounce house is a relatively new thing, and Luke still doesn't do great in big crowds or a lot of chaos. He tends to go off by himself, fixate on things (like fans or lights), or throw a fit when there are a lot of people around. So while we were sad that we couldn't invite all of his friends, we thought it best to keep it to the two friends he spends the most time with. Caleb and Rachel joined Luke at Inflation Nation, and then we had pizza and cake for lunch. It was a blessing that we didn't plan anything big because Micah was running a high temperature that day, so the whole celebration was a big of a "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" affair. I called Keegan on Saturday morning and begged her to let us do lunch at her house instead of ours to avoid spreading germs around as much as possible. She agreed. So Jared and Luke went to the bounce house while I stayed home with Micah. Then we swapped out, and Jared stayed with Micah while I went with Luke for lunch and cake. So we all got to celebrate with Luke a little.

I forgot to send the camera to the bounce house, but here are a few pictures from lunch and from opening presents:

First time opening a present all by himself!

We just love our silly, happy Luke! He truly makes us take a new look at our world and find excitement in the little things. Luke is excited to begin every day-- he starts each day running. He is (mostly) a gentle, loving big-brother. And he has become a cuddly, loving little boy. We love his hugs and snuggles.

Some of Luke's favorite things are: speed bumps, school buses, fans, air conditioners, books, Blue's Clues, the playground, school, drawing pictures, and band-aides. A new current interest is street names. He always wants to know the name of the street on which we are driving, and he remembers every name! When I make a turn he will tell me, "Now we're on Richmond Road," or whichever road we are on. He's almost always right, even distinguishing between 199-East and 199-West!

He loves to go on dates with D (his nick-name for Jared) to Chick fil A, Lowes, or the bounce house. He is excited to go to school, he's a great trooper about going to therapy, and he is overall our great little helper.

Oh, Luke! We are so proud of you! And we look forward to our many, many adventures ahead!

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