Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Luke Quotes

I wanted to record a couple of conversations Luke has had over the last couple of weeks.

At speech Luke was doing an activity with his therapist, Ms. Nelson. Luke pointed to one of the pictures and said, "That's a deer."

Ms. Nelson corrected him and said, "Actually that's a camel. Do you know what a camel is?"

Luke responded, "It's like a deer."

Jared was quizzing Luke on Spanish words a few nights ago. The conversation went like this:

J: Luke, what does libro mean?
L: book
J: What does cabeza mean?
L: head
J: What are pantalones?
L: pants
J: What about Lucasito?
L: Pipsqueak

Luke learns rules and figures out rules by repeating things to himself (often out loud) over and over. Lately he's been asking a lot of funny questions about good choices/ bad choices. So we have lots of conversations like this:

L: Do we hit Micah?
Me: NO, that's a bad choice.
L: Do we hug Micah?
Me: Yes (and then to clarify) When Micah wants a hug, that's a good choice.
L: Do we yell during the prayer?
Me: No, that's a bad choice.

And often Luke will ask a question and then answer it himself, like this:
L: Do we push B? NOooo, that's a bad choice.

But lately he's been having these conversations with(?) his teddy bear or his blanket. I hear things like, "NO, Bookie! Don't put your fingers in the fan. That's a bad choice." or "No, Bear. We don't hit. That's not nice. It's a bad choice."

Today Luke was playing the Bad choice/ Good choice "game" at Walgreens while we waited for some medicine. It was pretty embarrassing. And totally weird because Luke is NOT violent at all!

He walked right up to an old lady who was sitting in a chair waiting for her prescription and asked very loudly, "Do we scream at the lady?" I said, "No Luke. That would be a bad choice."

Then he looked over at a mom holding onto her little boy's hand and asked, "Do we hit that boy?" I tried to act normal and calmly said, "What do you think, Luke?" He answered, "No, that's not nice. It's a bad choice."

And then we walked over to the toy aisle to look around until they called us to pick up our prescription. Aack!


Keegan said...

These were actually awesomely impressive and cute conversations ... until the end ... when it was HILARIOUS! Okay, admittedly awkward and embarrassing as a parent, but hilarious!!

If it's any comfort, Caleb asked me about a person once he insisted was a man when it was a woman. Fortunately, the woman pretended not to hear-- and maybe didn't. I'm hoping she didn't.

Bill said...

Oh, Stacy, How good it is that you are recording these precious moments! I realize they can be embarrassing, but they are so choice.
You are certainly going to have lots of fun writing a book. Love you all lots. Dad and Mom