Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Luke's favorite episode of Blue's Clues (OF ALL TIME) is Un Dia con Plum (otherwise know as "Blue's Clues Bird Said Hola") in which Steve and Blue learn many Spanish words one of which is guantes or gloves. Luke is very much into guantes right now-- although only of the useless variety. He won't wear winter gloves at the playground, but he WILL and even BEGS to wear cleaning gloves around the house. He just wears them while he plays with toys or whatever and every once in awhile will point to them and say, "These are my guantes."

On Saturday he even insisted on wearing one (yes, he had just one) plastic glove to the fan store, post office, and grocery store. We got some funny looks and more than one person asked, "What's with the glove?" Luke looked at them like they were the stupid one, and I'm sure that put them in their place. I mean, Duh!, gloves are just cool.

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