Monday, September 19, 2011


Luke has been learning how to write the letters in his name. He mastered the L several months ago. "Straight down. Straight over." He learned how to do the U in Texas maybe? It's been a few months now. "Down. And up." But this week he learned how to do the K and the E. Those ones took a long time because he just couldn't figure out where to place his pen. I finally added some dots and now he can do it. For the K he says, "Do the line. Make a dot. Put the pen on the dot. Go up. Put the pen on the dot. Go down." And for the E he says, "Line. Dot. Dot. Dot. And out. And out. And out." He talks himself through the letters every time. It's pretty darn cute.

making an E

Good job, Luke!


Sarah said...

Cute! Way to go, Luke!

Michelle said...

Those letters look great! I have to say that I was stumped when reading the post because I got hung up on the fact that he learned how to do the U in texas. I thought, "there's no letter U in the word Texas. I felt so dumb. I forgot that you guys were IN Texas this summer.

Great job Luke!

Kathleen said...

i'm going to die this post is so cute. i don't know if his little dots or his cute little buzzed head is cuter???