Monday, September 12, 2011

1 out of 10

Today was not a great day. I'd give it a 1.

Micah was running a temperature (104.2) and only wanted to nurse. All day long. Actually that's been going on for 2 days, but yesterday Jared was here to help. So today was especially bad because we're out of underwear, Luke is out of socks, and I had to get all the laundry done, etc. with a baby clinging to my front. Awesome! In all the excitement of one-handed laundry I spilled bleach all over Luke's favorite underwear-- Green-- and the only pair he willingly wears. They are now yellow.

We couldn't get in to see the doctor until 2:15 pm. Micah has a bad sinus infection. I waited at Wal-greens for an hour with a screaming and SUPER hot baby who still just wanted to nurse, but was denied while we were sitting in Wal-greens. I finally gave up, just bought some Advil to tide him over and came home. Luckily Luke had school and then got to play at Caleb's house most of the day because he does not do well when ignored. In the little time I did have with him today he kept pulling my hair clip out of my hair, climbing on my head, climbing on my back, climbing on my shoulders, climbing on the table, climbing on the windowsill, and escaping from time out. (The only thing that saved him was that amid all that climbing he did give me many hugs and kisses. I actually kind of loved that part.)

Thank goodness for the Taylors! Not only did Keegan watch Luke for me for almost 3 hours during the doctor appointment and pointless Wal-greens trip, but Patrick came and stayed with Luke (who was in bed. Yes!) so I could go back to Wal-greens to try again. I got back and gave Micah his first dose of antibiotic, thinking to myself that "This is a HUGE dose!" Halfway through the syringe I realized that the instructions were for 4 milliliters and NOT 4 teaspoons. So then I had to call poison control.

And now that Micah is asleep I get to fold all that laundry because that is something you just can't do one handed.


Kathleen said...

i laughed out loud at the poison control part. is he okay???

Keegan and Patrick said...

I'm glad we could help. I only wish we could have done more. What a crazy day! Let me know if you need any help today.

Sarah said...

Ohh, that sucks so bad. Poison control made me laugh, too.

I hope Micah is feeling much much better, poor baby.