Wednesday, September 28, 2011


During Luke's speech therapy sessions I sit in the observation room and watch and listen to what goes on. Today Luke and his therapist, Ms. Nelson, were doing a sorting activity. Luke would pick a card from a pile and then have to put it in the proper category: something we eat, something we wear, or an animal. I was so glad I was eavesdropping on their conversation because this is what I heard.

Ms. Nelson: Luke what's on your card?
Luke: It's a doggie. (Pause) What's the doggie doin'?
Ms. Nelson: What is the doggie doing?
Luke: It's sitting down. (Pause). Does the doggie have a bum?
Ms. Nelson: What?
Luke: Does the doggie have a bum on it's back?
Ms. Nelson: (very confused) I don't know. What?
Luke: Does the doggie poop on the grass?
Ms. Nelson: Um...Probably. Luke, do you have a dog at your house?
Luke: Yes!
(Side note: We do not have a dog)

Ms. Nelson: What's your dog's name?
Luke: Doc
Ms. Nelson: Your dog's name is Doc?
Luke: Annabelle
Ms. Nelson: Your dog's name is Annabelle?
Luke: Yes!

Apparently Luke takes serious ownership of other people's pets. Hope that's okay with you, Mikey. And you, Grandma Debbi.


Sarah said...

Nice one! We must be online blogging at the same time.

One time Dash peed on our car and Skyler was like, "'s can't go pee! They don't have penises!"

Amber said...

So funny! And cute. And the word is kahou which sounds like something I should be able to come up with a definition for. It sounds tropical. Maybe that feeling of serenity you get while sitting by the water reading a book, feeling the breeze and listening to the waves. That's a happy feeling.

Michael Orton said...

That is so awesome! You need to come visit so Luke can play with Doc again!