Friday, September 2, 2011

Boy Braggin'

My boys play great together! Luke LOVES to play with Micah and often asks Micah to come play. Sometimes when I'm snuggling Micah, Luke will tell me, "Micah wants to play with Luke in Luke's room." When I say that I think Micah just wants to cuddle for a minute Luke will insist, "NO! Micah wants to play with Luke!" Micah is interested in Luke's stereos too, so that is their one conflict. Micah also likes Luke's Bookie (baby blanket) but usually Luke is willing to share that-- at least for a minute. They are an awesome team!

Luke is just doing awesome! This week I am especially proud that he is being a brave eater. He has had a new food every single day! He ate a bite of carrot, applesauce, some hot dog, smoothie (Costco smoothies are dairy free!), and (though not really new) 1/2 a chicken breast in one sitting! The amount of chicken was VERY new. He even asked for more!

Yesterday was meet the teacher at Luke's school. He is excited to ride the bus again and play with friends at school. I think his new teachers, Ms. Sara and Ms. Gina, will be very good with him. They were pre-warned by Ms. Alicia about his CD player obsession and didn't act like it would be a big deal at all. While we were there we also got to see Ms. Alicia and Ms. Kerry as well as Ms. Kathleen, the speech teacher. They were impressed by the difference they saw in Luke. As Ms. Kathleen asked Luke questions I could see her eyes get bigger! He wasn't answering any questions at the end of school last year, and right then he was telling them all kinds of things! It was a pretty funny conversation--

Teacher: Luke, where did you go this summer?
Luke: Luke went to Mima's house.
Teacher: What did you do there?
Luke: Luke pulled the string.
Teacher: What string?
Luke: The string on the ceiling fan!

Luke has also made HUGE progress with sensory processing. I guess the progress in eating goes in that category because he made so much progress with textures. But he is doing well with textures on other parts of his body. He will now walk barefoot on grass and sand. He will even LAY DOWN on the beach. He asks to go in the shower too which is amazing because he used to freak out if water splashed on his head. He is no longer afraid of the vacuum cleaner or garbage disposal. And finally Luke is doing better at staying with the group. We went to the beach on Wed. with some friends, and Luke (for the most part) stayed close to me and interacted with peers the entire time. That had to do more with the fact that they came to play with Luke than that Luke went to them, but still! They laughed together, and I was so happy to see it.

Potty training is still a bit of a struggle. If you look at the picture of Luke and Caleb you will see a big, wet rock to the right of Caleb. Luke peed on it and then stripped down naked.

Micah was not quite as big of a beach bum as Luke is becoming. Mostly because I tried to keep him from ingesting too much sand. But he still had a pretty good time too.

Micah is also doing great. He is a fast crawler now, and he is pulling up on everything! He can let go now when he is standing and keep his balance. That new talent allows him to get into all kinds of trouble. He can get into the markers on Luke's easel, the tissue on the side table, the toilet paper, the toilet water, etc. He can also pull things down on his head. Micah will meet with his physical therapist on Wed. morning and will probably be exited from the program.

He is being a super eater too! He eats a lot of "big people" food, but his favorites are oatmeal, toast with jam, bananas, and pulled pork. When I made the pork I found out that Micah is a fan of meat! I made the pork in the crock pot, and that made it perfect for him because it was very tender. Micah being a good eater is a great blessing for our family because it helps motivate Luke to try new things when he sees Micah do it.

Micah has had some big adjustments the past few weeks. I'm trying to move in the direction of weaning him. The biggest change so far is that I've stopped nursing him to sleep. I feed him 1/2 hour earlier than normal and then lay him down when he's still awake. He cries for a little bit, but then he goes to sleep on his own. He's also had a few nights when he had to tough it out and cry for a bit in the middle of the night. I think at 11 months he can make it at least 9 hours! Luckily he doesn't seem to hold it against me. He's always happy to see me in the morning. What a great, forgiving, and tough little guy!

I love my boys!!!

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