Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ah, Luke!

This morning it was pretty cold in our house, and Luke was running around in a pull-up. I told him to bring me some pants so that he wouldn't be cold. He came back with a pair of jean shorts.

The past week at school Luke has been learning about himself. I guess that as part of the unit they've been talking a lot about bodies because Luke keeps pointing things out and asking questions such as, "Does Ms. Gina have a neck?" I guess all that body talk has him thinking about all the parts of his body because he has also asked, "Does Baby Micah have a bum?" and "Does Mama have a pee pee like Luke?" We've dealt with awkward questions before what with breast feeding and all and have had several conversations about how we do not talk about certain body parts or touch certain body parts. But with all the new questions this week, Luke is once again walking around and repeatedly coaching himself, "We don't talk about it. We don't talk about it," as well as, "We don't touch other people's bums." I really hope he doesn't say these things at school, but he probably does.

For the past little while Luke has been sleeping in our room on an air mattress because we have been "sleep training" Micah. The strange thing is that Micah started sleeping through the night without crying right as we geared ourselves for letting him fuss it out. So what had been waking him up if it wasn't hunger or fear? Well, we have discovered that Luke talks in his sleep. At least one of his dreams seemed to involve getting in trouble. He yelled out very clearly, "I need to be a good listener!" which he often tells me to try to get out of time out. He also had what seemed to be (for him) a very scary nightmare in which he cried and moaned, "The cup fell down! The cup fell down!" He also cuddles his blanket and croons, "Bookie! Bookie!"

We moved Luke back to his bed last night after several weeks of sleeping in our room. Micah cried and cried and wouldn't go to sleep because he could see someone else in the room, so we had bring Luke out to living room until Micah fell asleep (which then happened really quickly). Micah slept through until around 4:30 and then woke up crying-- the habit of night waking resurrected during his sickness. So I went in to nurse him. About 1 hour later Luke woke up crying, and that woke up Micah. So I'm not sure if Luke will be moving back to our room or not.

Bribery works wonders with Luke. But the things he accepts for bribery are so bizarre. We could get him to do most anything in Texas by promising to let him drive Mima's car, Papa's "junky green car" or Amber's car. That works pretty well here too most of the time. But his newest interest is the speed bumps in our apartment complex. He will try pretty much any new food if he can go outside and walk across a speed bump after he gets it down.

What a crazy boy!

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