Thursday, September 8, 2011

First days of school

Luke started school on Tuesday. He had been asking for weeks and weeks to ride the bus and go to school. We went to Meet the Teacher last week, so Luke understood that he was going to a new class with Ms. Sara and Ms. Gina. He had also been warned that he might have a new bus driver.

Luke was so excited to go outside and wait for the bus. It was a long wait because we weren't sure what time the bus would arrive. Last year the bus would come around 7:45 am. It didn't come unitl 8:15! With all that time to just sit and wait, Luke started getting creative. He decided he wanted to wait on the car.

I had to run inside for baby wipes because both Luke and Micah had black palms and knees. Apparently I REALLY need to wash the car.

Right as I got them all cleaned up, the bus arrived. Luke was a pro! He grabbed onto Ms. Daisy's hand (glad I warned him there might be a new driver!) and climbed right up.

It's been so fun talking with Luke about his day at school. He can tell me so much more about what he does! After the first day he told me that he went in a tunnel. He also said that he did shapes and "did the blow dryer." I told him that I didn't think there was a blow dryer at school and that he was being silly.

Yesterday, when Luke came home, he mentioned the blow dryer again. And I realized that both times he talked about the blow dryer I had just finished praising him for using the potty at school, so I thought he must be talking about a hand dryer in the bathroom. I asked him if he used the blow dryer to dry his hands and Luke said yes. But then I opened up his take-home folder and found this picture from the first day:

Oops! Sorry, Luke, for not understanding! There really is a blow dryer at school.

I think Luke is going to have a good year.

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Amber said...

I'm glad he's having a good time!