Monday, September 5, 2011


Welcome to my boys' room!

the sign on their door--
I painted this 2 years ago when we were in Texas after Jared's first year.
View when you open the door

I tried to take pictures in a circular fashion. This would be when you enter the room and turn to the left a little. Then the pictures move to the right and circle the room until they reach the door again. I also did close ups of some of the details in the room.

above Luke's bed

My mom sewed that map for me, and she followed my instructions perfectly! I bought a clearance curtain rod at Wal-mart and spray-painted it red. And voila!

I painstaking measured this fabric so that each piece would match up. It took forever! I had everything measured and cut out before Micah was born but never did the sewing. Jared's mom sewed them for me when she and Dad came to help after Micah's birth. They turned out just as I imagined. They are reversible-- here's the cowboy side.

and the denim side

My mom painted the cowboy picture. She copied the cowboys from the fabric on their quilts (FREEHAND!) and then transfered it onto the wood and painted it. I made the Lil' Cowboy sign by hot gluing rope onto painted wood. These things were also created 2 years ago.

Jennifer got this horse basket for me. It's actually an Easter basket but I use it to hold the desitin. The red baskets are for diapers and wipes.

The rocking horse was a loan for the pictures, but it looks so cute in the room that maybe eventually....

I love how it all came together! And just under 3 years!


Amber said...

Very nice. A super cute room for two super cute boys. And big smiles on all of Luke's progress! Good for him!!

Amesbury said...

What a cute room! I'm sure they love it.