Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things that Always Make me Smile

1. I love to see old people-- I mean white haired, hunched over love birds-- holding hands. The other day as I was leaving Wal-mart I saw just such a couple crossing the parking lot and I just sighed. I guess it's the romantic in me, but it's my dream to be such a couple. I love holding Jared's hand. I hope I always do.

2. I love to see dads playing with their kids when the kid is just peeled over in laughter. I especially love it when it's Luke playing with Jared. I can never get Luke to laugh quite as hard as Jared can.

3. I love children's prayers. Of course I am thinking of Luke again. Two days ago while he was saying a prayer he said, "Thank you I can see air cushioner (air conditioner)." So funny. It reminded me of the time Ethan thanked Heavenly Father for his fork.

4. I love a good love story. I got "Emma" from Netflicks this week and watched it twice.

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