Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday, Birthday, Coming to Earth Day

Amber's birthday was May 26th. To celebrate we first got rid of Luke for a few hours (Thanks, Keegan!) and went to Wallermill Park to do the peddle boats.

I had a little trouble getting my knees up. But we definitely got our exercise for the day.

Later we went to dinner at a little diner called Jimmy's Oven and Grill because I'd gotten a "gift certificate" from Motherhood. It was pretty good, and Luke (for the most part) behaved himself.

Then we had cake!

Luke helped us frost

Great job, Luke!

He also helped spread the sprinkles.

And stole some.

For Dad: the classic cake shot.

Yesterday (June 3rd) was Jared's birthday. I tried to make it a good one. I got up early (meaning that I didn't just put on a movie for Luke and get back in bed.) I made waffles with real whipped cream. Actually I tried to make real whipped cream. I thought you just whip up the cream and whalla! it would taste good. It turns out you need to add SUGAR. So we ended up having waffles and syrup instead. Amber watched Luke that night while Jared and I went to MovieTavern for dinner and a showing of Iron Man 2. I thought for a super hero movie, it was pretty good. Jared liked it except for the girl fight scenes. His thoughts were something along the lines of "a 95 pound girl could never do that. It's just ridiculous." I pointed out that a 95 pound girl could especially not do that in leather pants so tight you couldn't even sit down let alone wrap your legs around some dude's head and knock him out. And she DEFINITELY couldn't finish her fight with her hair and make up still perfect (and without breaking a sweat).

The gorgeous and delicious cake-- Tres Leches, of course!

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Sarah said...

I got one of those "gift certificates" for "any restaurant". I was so mad it was for!!! We only have like 4 options of not very good really expensive restaurants here...

And Happy Birthday to Amber and Jared!