Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Live and Learn

On Memorial Day, we went to York River State Park to fly the kite that Jared got "me" for mother's day. Before we went Jared searched YouTube videos on kite flying and found quite a few on trick kites. Turns out that the $10 kite from Wal-mart was a trick kite and we just didn't know how to fly it. So... apparently Jared shouldn't have put it in the trash. Well, you live and learn. And don't buy kites at Wal-mart.

Our new kite

Jared flying "my" kite

And where am I?

Chasing Stinker as always.

This is Luke trying to sneak over to the air conditioner he found
(in the employee outside wet lab)
This is me stopping Luke from playing with the air conditioner
This is Luke's reaction-- repeated several times!!! Sneak, stop, scream. Sneak, stop, scream.
This is how long we stayed at the park: NOT LONG.

1 comment:

MOM47 said...

Believe it or not, James actually took a kite-flying class in Jr. High. Next time we're together, ask him for some tips.
I love it when husbands get presents for "us". James has learned better. Now I really just get books.