Monday, June 21, 2010

Awkward Questions

(This picture has nothing to do with the content of the post. I just thought he looked really cute.)

Today Luke and I stopped by the library to play with the trains. But first things first for a pregnant lady. We had to make a stop in the restroom. I brought Luke in the stall with me and he kept trying to poke his head under the adjoining stall and I kept telling him to stand up straight. The person in there was obviously having a moment if you know what I mean-- the smell was pretty strong. I hurried and finished up, but as I was washing my hands, Luke walked back around the corner and asked (very loudly) "Do you have poo poos?"


The Grady's said...

oh my gosh! I would have died! Luke was obviously concerned for her welfare, though, which is really sweet!

Amber said...

Hilarious! It kind of reminds me of when Ethan was little and he got away from Megan in the bathroom and started peaking under people's stalls.