Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Park!!!

Luke absolutely loves the park! We go every week day morning. I run about 1 1/2 miles and then we stop at the playground to swing and slide. These pictures were actually taken in an evening when we went to the park for a second time. If all else fails when Luke is whining, take that kid outside!

So cute!

Luke's mad climbing skills!

I was so pround of these skills until they started transfering to home-- the fireplace, the couch, chairs, whatever he can get on. And he doesn't yet seem to understand the phrase, "Feet on the floor" that I keep using like a broken record. He does understand, "Sit on your bottom" so he rarely falls off of things. He sits down and waits for us to help him down. Story: On Thursday morning I was finishing dishes and hadn't realized that the door to my parent's room was open. I heard Luke whining, but I couldn't see him. I found him in their bathroom. He had climed up onto a storage ledge in their bathroom, thrown ALL of their excersize clothes that they keep on the ledge in there onto the floor and then screamed because he couldn't get down.

More climbing

Asking to swing

Another story: Luke really needs to learn how to talk. As is, he's figuring out all kinds of things by watching. He knows drinks come from the refrigerator for example. And he knows the vacuum is kept in the closet under the stairs. But since he can't name these items, his way of asking for them is to stand in front of where thy are and whine extremely obnoxiously. Today he was holding my mom's car keys and throwing a fit while he stood next to the child gate. My dad was totally confused as to what he wanted. But my mom and were like, "He wants to get to the door to try to put the key in." How do we know these things? Women are mind readers. Anyway, the reason this story applies is because it's how Luke asks to swing. He stands by it and whines.

Luke really does love the swing. It's just that he wanted to be SWINGING and not posing for a picture. I tell you, I just ruin this kids life.

Top of the Slide

Luke can go down all by himself!

Total pro!

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