Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Super Smart Boy

Luke knows lots of animals.  He can point to all the animals on the "Pets" page and almost every animal on the "In the Zoo" page.  The only animals he names himself are dog and bird. 

The other day I was trying to do dishes, and Luke was whining for attention.  I tried to placate him by singing the Wheels on the Bus.  When I turned around he had gone to get this book and was reading along.  I was so proud!  I stopped doing dishes and ran for the camera.

This picture doesn't illustrate how smart Luke is, but he looked so cute I wanted to include it anyway.  Doesn't he have an intelligent expression?  Hee Hee

While we were in Texas Luke learned lots of body parts.  Most of his knowledge of body and animals is due to my Dad's daily drills with him.

Showing his tongue

His toes

His Hair

Patting his cheeks.  He usually pats his temples (but close enough, right?)

His diaper

His knees

Luke also knows his hands and feet.  He knows eye, nose, teeth, and chin too, but he will only point those things out on other people.  Well, not true.  He will point to his own eye.  His word for playing "body part point" is Eye.  He says eye when he wants to drill.  Mostly he likes pointing out animals and body parts because people clap for him when he gets it right.  Luke's favorite thing in the whole world is praise.