Sunday, August 30, 2009

Growing Up--with a big head

Luke loves to be applauded. He likes it so much he even claps for himself. All the time. He claps for his eating. He claps when he puts his shapes in the right hole of his shape sorter. And now we know he claps when he builds with his blocks.

Block 2

Pause. Clap.

Block 3

Pause. Clap.

Block 4

Well, you get the picture.
He would have kept going, but the tower fell over with block five.

In addition to us (and him) clapping for him all the time, we're also constantly telling him how smart he is and how cute he is. With all that encouragement and praise, it's no wonder he has a big head.

Literally. He had a check-up this week at the doctor's office. He ranks in the 15% for height and the 82% for head circumference. So we have a short kid with an abnormally large head.

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