Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zoo Day

About a month ago our play group went to the zoo.  It is soooooo hot in July.  It might not have been the group leader's best idea.  I can say that because I AM the group leader.  But two other women were brave enough to drag their kids into the heat and come along.  I rode up with a friend, and her kids and mine were the most excited to see the monkeys.  So we headed to the monkeys first.  

My boys mostly wanted to see the new Gorilla exhibit-- still under construction-- because Grandpa Terry is working there right now.  It turns out that the gorilla exhibit is actually in the "Africa" section instead of the primate section.  Go figure.  So we headed that way next.  By that time (about an hour in) we were all drenched in sweat and the boys were losing it.  We stopped for lunch before we got to the Gorilla Construction.  This was taking a break to see the chimpanzees-- also in Africa.

And finally the future Gorilla's home!!!

The boys were shouting "GRANDPA TERRY!  GRANDPA TERRY!" as loud as they could.  Another worker heard them and came over to see what the fuss was about.  I told them we were looking for Terry Herrera, and he went to find him for us.  Grandpa Terry came over looking VERY stylish.

The boys were so excited to see Grandpa Terry at the zoo!

The exhibit is going to be HUGE and AWESOME.

We will visit Grandpa Terry again... IN OCTOBER.

After seeing Grandpa Terry we went to the children's section and did the petting zoo.  We played in a little Indian village for a little bit, but the heat was really getting to everyone.  Micah just gave up on standing all together.

So then it was time for the splash pad at the zoo.  And a ride on the carousel to revive us.
And a few quick pictures with friends before we headed home.

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