Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Rest of Utah

It's been awhile since our trip.  So I'm trying to remember everything we did.  One of the highlights for me was going to BYU one afternoon to visit my very dear friend Nora.  She and I were very close during Jared's first year at William & Mary.  It was wonderful to see her and her son Samuel and to catch up.  Meeting Dean for the first time was also a highlight.  He is such a cute baby!!!

Let's see.  Michael, Amber, the boys, and I went hiking around up Payson canyon one morning.  We just parked the car and followed an animal trail and taught the boys a little about marking a path.  There was a day at Seven Peaks water park.  Lots of evenings playing games.

I love getting to spend time with family, and since my family is very spread out I don't see many people very often.  But I was glad to spend a lot of time with Amber and Megan, Mom and Dad, and Eric.  I look forward to our next visit.

I didn't get a picture of me meeting Dean, but here we are saying good-bye.  I love his little outfit.  It used to be Luke's!

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