Monday, August 11, 2014

Pa's Party

The main reason I stayed in Utah after Jared went home was to attend my grandpa's 90th birthday party.  His birthday is really in March, but the big party was in July.  All but 2 of his grandchildren were able to make it, and it was a big crowd.  It is incredible to see a family that big.  It really gives the words "heritage" "legacy" and "unity" more meaning.  I hadn't seen many of my King cousins in several years.  It's always a bit shocking to see people you still imagine as kids and they have turned into grown-ups.  And it was fun to catch up with people.

A few great-grandkid pictures:

The party was at the Pavilion across the parking lot from a stake center in Bountiful.  There are a lot of air conditioners around a stake center, and the boys spent a lot of time checking out each one.

Cutting the cake:

Before blowing out the candles, Pa said the only thing that could make the day better would be to have Grandma there.  She passed away a year ago, but everyone knew she was there.  We just couldn't see her.

I was glad that my boys remembered Pa.  We stopped at his house last summer and went to church with him.  The boys talked about "driving" Pa's car and eating M&Ms.  That is what they did at his house.  This time they spent most of their time with Pa showing him my cousin's dog and asking him questions about how old his house is.

I wish it would have been possible to get more one-on-one time with Pa.  He is an incredible person!  I am lucky to be part of his family.  He continually imparts a legacy of kindness, hard work, and faithful service.  When I was younger my favorite things about visiting his house was that anything was okay.  No shoes-- fine.  Running in and out of the house all day long-- no one cares.  Pretty much the only thing that wasn't okay was rude behavior.  But I don't think I ever saw him lose his temper.  He also has a way of making everyone feel special and important.  I think he does this by remembering things about people, asking good questions, and listening for a real answer.  He also throws around compliments so easily I don't think he consciously even knows he is giving one.  He will just say things like, "Hi, Beautiful!  How are you doing?"  So glad I am one of his granddaughters.

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Keegan said...

Your grandpa sounds like such a wonderful man! Wish I could have some more of those qualities! How wonderful to have a legacy like that!